What is SEO? and it’s effects on your Business Website

what is seo effects business website

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Consumers all over the world are always looking for solutions to address certain needs or challenges that they are facing. Businesses everywhere are looking to generate a higher consumer base. The internet has made it a lot more likely that these consumers will find these businesses, naturally pairing them up to develop and deliver a solution to the consumer’s problem. Therefore at this moment, some of those consumers are looking for solutions that your business offers to them.

However, your business is competing with thousands of others for a consumer’s attention, bringing about the necessity for a business to get in front of the consumers to be considered for a solution the consumer seeks. Considering that most people are most likely to select one of the first 10 to 20 websites they run into, the competition of the top tier of the rankings is heavy. This is where SEO comes into play. Let’s look into what is SEO and its effects on business websites.


What Exactly Is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the many digital marketing practices that allow business websites to leverage the power of search engines to attract consumers to their business as they seek solutions to their problems.

To be clear, there are multiple other ways to reach consumers. These include marketing through email and video platforms, as well as advertising through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. SEO stands out on its own merits because it is seeking a more targeted audience more organically.

Leveraging SEO

When people use search engines, they are already actively looking for something. Unlike Facebook or Instagram ads that are just sitting on the side while a user is scrolling through their feed, likely interested in something else, the SEO strategy applies in the instances when the consumer is already looking to find a business like yours.

When a person uses a search engine such as Google or Bing, they put in some relevant terms into the search bar and click the “search” button, generating a vast number of results. The search engine’s mechanism attempts to quickly decide, based on the search criteria, for which results pair best with the search query that was performed. Then, it returns a ranked list of available options for the person to choose from.

Typically, about 10 results per page are generated. It is very rare for a consumer to keep looking endlessly page after page to find a solution, as they are likely to find the most relevant one within the first few results. For businesses then, it is paramount to have their business rank as high as possible in this sorted result list to have a greater chance to be in front of the potential consumer’s eyes and therefore being a lot more likely to be considered.

The main method of ranking your business higher is to either purchase paid advertisements, which may (or may not) put your business among the top rankings in the result sort or to use the SEO strategy to organically position your business in the top tier of these results.

organic result vs paid result on google
Organic result vs Paid result on Google

How To Improve Ranking With SEO?

The search engines are based on a complex and often adjusted algorithm. The two factors that remain constant in search engine rankings are content relevance, quality, and quantity of links leading to the page. Seeing as the algorithm updates search engines may experience at any time is nearly impossible to predict, SEO strategy consists of implementing a few steps that stay consistently effective.

The primary goal of the SEO strategy is to focus on the user. After all, this is who the business is trying to reach. Every update to a search engine algorithm is similar in the fact that its primary motive is to provide search engine users the best possible and most relevant results, so the focus of any optimization should be to assist people performing a search find the value they are looking for as quickly as possible.

Use Of Keywords

Search engines put a heavy focus on keywords. These are terms that are common to general user searches and therefore, when utilized efficiently, will push the business’s website up the search engine rankings. Keywords are mainly going to be products and services that the business provides, but can also be relative to the topic that the website covers. For example, an article like this one might utilize a set of keywords such as: “what is SEO and its effects on a business website.”

The higher the competition of a business, the more targeted it helps to make the keywords. There are many tools available to help a business select the most effective keywords to decide on which are best to use with their SEO strategy. A web design agency typically hires SEO specialists who are well versed in finding the ideal keywords for the website.

Once a business has determined what keywords they want to use, the next step is to incorporate those keywords into their website. These can be used in headings like H1, blog post titles of subheadings, and most importantly organically ingrained into the content itself.

Other points to consider include keeping the title under 70 characters, having title pages be headed up with a good summary that includes a keyword organically planted somewhere in it, and most importantly delivering good, high quality, value-rich content. The search ranking optimization will help pull your business’s website up the search engine rankings and help to get eyes on the website, but great content is what will keep them there and keep them coming back.

In the early days of SEO implementation, websites could be accessed only through a desktop or laptop PC. Since 2016 however, the number of users using tablets, smartphones, and other devices has surpassed PC access. So it is vital to create a site conducive to mobile browsers. Hiring a web design agency could be very helpful in these matters as they have the knowledge and the resources to set up your website specifically geared and optimized for websites accessible from browsers of any device.

The Basic SEO Best Practices

Having a poor SEO strategy will have a direct correlation to a business’s underperforming bottom line. A website is a powerful marketing tool in attracting new business customers, but if it is not seen or overlooked but prospective consumers, it doesn’t perform its job as robustly as it should be able to.

To make the best of the website as the driver of traffic to your business, implementation of SEO strategy is important, and the main points to keep track when utilizing it include:

  • Utilize strategically chosen keywords that consumers are searching for.
  • Create headings and title tags, as well as meta descriptions.
  • Test your website or have a web design agency help you do so to confirm it is a bug and problem-free as possible.
  • Create unique, engaging, and valuable content for your visitors to see.
  • Make sure the visitors have a good user experience by having an easy, intuitive UI and a website that is simple to navigate.
  • Use tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to help in tracking the site’s progress.
  • Improve your Web Page Speed to decrease Bounce rates.
  • Leverage the powerful reach of social media. It’s always a good idea to ask industry influencers to share or review your website as their fanbase can turn to your business, obtaining a new set of audiences.

Using SEO strategies is a great way to get a business more visible to a far broader reach of potential customers. Proper use of this strategy could land a business exponentially more business than is currently putting it front and center in the top tier of search rankings.

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