7 Business Benefits of Responsive Web Design in 2021

responsive web design

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Almost every Internet marketing service and web design agency talk about responsiveness, but what does this term mean for the modern online experience?

What You Can Expect in this Content

  • Overview of what responsive web design is for a website.
  • Business benefits that can develop when making this change.
  • Why it is a necessary feature for online businesses in 2020 and beyond.


What Is a Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is a development technique. It creates a site that reacts to the browser and device of a user behind the scenes. The result is a page that fits well on a screen to optimize the visitor’s experience.

With over half of all Internet traffic coming from mobile devices in 2020, responsive web design is a must-have feature for every site. It can provide several benefits that can help a business in a variety of ways.

Percentage of Responsive Web Design usage
Percentage of mobile device traffic worldwide per quarter by Statista.

List of the Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design can increase your website traffic. It could improve your Google ranking, especially for local searches.

It can also provide several unique benefits that can help your company’s online presence to expand in positive ways in the next year.

1. This approach reduces the expense of site management.

It takes less time to maintain and manage a single website with a responsive design. The previous approach of using a companion mobile site created issues with administrative interfaces, workflows, and layout that required a lot of time and energy to resolve.

Now you can keep all of your content through a single dashboard or input point because the multi-device experience applies individually.

2. You can reduce the cost of mobile development.

It takes less time to create a responsive website redesign than it does to build a stand-alone mobile site you can also use WordPress to cut the cost for a responsive design and at the same time get top advantages of WordPress.

This benefit extends to the testing requirements as there is only one item to look at instead of several. You get to increase your development budget while reducing your support and maintenance overhead costs.

Businesses can even optimize or re-use their standardized methodologies with this approach.

3. It can increase your conversion rates.

A responsive web design improves the user experience. It reduces or eliminates the need for redirects or CSS changes across devices. That means every visitor receives a consistent user experience on any screen or browser.

This benefit creates a better conversion rate because it eliminates hesitation and confusion within your brand message. By removing the excuses, prospects have fewer reasons to avoid becoming customers.

4. Businesses can improve their reach to mobile audiences.

Consumers are transitioning to smaller screens because of the demands of a mobile lifestyle. It is more comfortable to browse, shop, and research using smartphones and tablets because the devices go with people everywhere.

Over half of mobile device users feel anxious if their device runs out of battery, or there is no network coverage available.

That means your business website must accommodate this shift in preferences to stay relevant in the mind of a potential consumer.

5. It consolidates your reporting and analytics.

A responsive web design eliminates the need to track conversion paths, sales funnels, and user journeys. That means your analytics go through an optimization process because it shows comprehensive reporting from multiple devices.

All of your data now gets condensed into a single report so that it is simple to monitor your key performance indicators.

6. SEO improvements happen with responsive websites.

Your Internet marketing service campaigns will get new life when you shift to responsive web design for your business. Search engines already give websites with this structure a priority in the displayed results because of the value it provides to the average Internet user.

You’ll also notice several critical changes when implementing this strategy, including better site speeds, less duplication, and improvements in local search.

7. Offline browsing improvements enhance the visitor experience.

Offline browsing improvements enhance the visitor experience.
The average consumer will complete up to 90% of their research before approaching your business about a potential sale.

That means almost all of the progression work through a sales funnel happens outside of your website. When you focus on responsive design, then the HTML5 capabilities for your content, newsletters, and other materials will encourage consumers to consider a closer relationship with your organization.

Are You Ready to Increase Your Website Traffic?

Responsive web design could increase the traffic to your business website by over 50%. The brands that see the most success in this area implement a mobile-first approach because of the evolution of Internet access happening in 2020 and beyond.

The companies that were early adopters of this approach are already experiencing the benefits of a responsive web design every day. Now it is your turn to enjoy these advantages with your site so that you can take advantage of tomorrow’s Internet user habits.

You will discover that adopting a responsive web design is fast and affordable. Choose a web design agency that you trust to build this feature into your website today.

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